Yacht Crew Dubai
Yacht Crew

Yacht crew needs a lot of experience and professionalism, especially for luxury yachts. The experience and skillfulness of the crewmembers differ from one yacht to another. The captain is the sole authority on board a yacht or ship followed by deck officers, engineers chefs, and sous chefs, stewards, stewardesses, and deckhands. Navigating, sailing, cooking, serving, and cleaning is what our crews do at their best. Concerning mega yachts, they are the biggest amongst private yachts. Moreover in megayachts, the helicopter is always ready to take you wherever and whenever you want to go. The yacht crew usually starts from three up to twenty people. You can even enjoy water toys and water sports accompanied by our deckhands on board.

Professional Yacht Crew

We consider that a professional yacht crew is as much important as the yacht herself since the quality of the service on board is crucial in the success of a charter. Well trained and quality crew can make a huge difference between a joyful yacht charter holiday or paid disaster which you don’t want to be a part of it.

We own and operate crew placement agencies both in Turkish and international markets and thousands of crew are using our websites to find a job and many yacht owners and captains rely on our website to find and locate the quality crew. The crew aboard for English-speaking crew and yat personeli for domestic Turkish crew.